Once there was naught but three great wyrms circling through the emptiness: Khyber, Eberron and Siberys. Then it began.

998YK. In the rural nation of Aundair and the city of Passage the dragonmarked House of Orien engages in a large campaign to recover the power it lost during the Last War. The patriarch of the house Kwanti d’Orien disappeared into the jungles of Xen’drik eighteen months ago, in search of some wondrous item to restore the house’s fortune. At home however, his wife, the half-elf Gray d’Orien employs more realistic tactics to restore the house in his absence. As Orien takes greater control of the region surrounding Passage, it’s new Express Riders atop Vadalis magebred horses are threatened by raiders along the Wynarn River. Three of the most promising young aristocratic adventurers in Khorvaire have been called to deal with a seemingly insignificant problem, especially for their talents. Oh, and a shifter’s coming too.

Hopefully looking for players who are familiar with the Eberron Campaign Setting, if not, they can be caught up, like most of my players, who have only played the game and setting once. Currently looking for one-ish player to round out the group. At this point, though we are still technically in planning – though the first session is veering towards completion – and thus people are wont to change their minds, we have a Shifter Ranger, an Elven Fighter/Rogue (we are starting at Level 2), a Gnome Illusionist/Fighter (taking advantage of bow feats, 10 Str) and a Human Psion. Any character type is welcome, general restriction on original classes, original races plus the four in ECS and classes (blatant bigotry towards races) in Expanded Psionics Handbook. Things drawn from Eberron sourcebooks are fair game, apart from that, ask. Reasonableness is widespread.

Tears of the Prophecy